St. John's

Tickle Harbour


Just a set of photos that I sometimes like to look at when I travel. Pictures of home so I won't get to homesick :-)

There's also a link to Tickle Harbour photos. Tickle Harbour is a Newfoundland traditional music band I've played for about 20 years... time flies when you're having fun :-)

For the Tickle Harbour photos hold the mouse over the word and click on one of the sub-headings that appears in this box.

St. John's doesn't have any sub-headings so just click on St. John's to view the thumbnails.
Here are some photos I took of St. John's. There are two great panoramas of the city and the harbour. They are pretty big but a great view of each.

I left these photos up on the site because I'm sure there are others from St. Johns's living away who might like to look at them.
These are a bunch of photos of the band. I've broken them down into categories to make the thumbnails easier to load

At Home In St. John's
Canada Games 99 in Corner Brook
Loads of personal photos I have on my other site.
I just have them there si I can get at them any time I need.